OrgWeb is a Management and Communication program for the digital modern business wanting to utilize internet technology in their company.

OrgWeb organizes your businesses documentation digitally, using your existing business logics. Choosing OrgWeb does not mean changing the way you do things, but rather enhancing your own business logics and effectively organizing your own business processes.

OrgWeb opens the doors of communication within your company. Like many social media solutions such as Facebook and Twitter, OrgWeb makes communication within your company simple and efficient. With OrgWeb you save time with simplified visual scheduling and planning.

OrgWeb enables you to better your company’s services through better organization.

OrgWeb helps you manage projects more efficiently with the ability to track, monitor and get highly detailed information about each project, activity and task.

OrgWeb helps you manage everything from financial, human resources, supplies, inventory, bidding, logistics, services development and customer relationship



OrgWeb gives you a complete overview over all documentation between your company and your clients, including SMS and email history.

OrgWeb includes a client contract database with an administration module with contract renewal reminder functions.
Including also a project management module, generating client work orders, client project planning, costing and client cost analysis with reports.

OrgWeb gives your company’s administration, data sharing capabilities, and a total overview of
both practical and economical aspects of your activities for your client, and client groups. Your client has also the option to logon to their personal client webpage, with relevant information available for them to view and communicate through. When you choose to activate your employee’s real time logon system using the tablet, clients can follow real time when your employee’s logon and logoff at the work place. They can also send short messages to the logon tablet as a communication tool with your employee. tablet


The applicant module in OrgWeb allows applicants to fill in an internet form including their photo and/or a short film interview.
Once the form is published on the system, it allows the companies HR department and administration to make detailed searches of the applicants in the database.
Also allowing an administrator to send individual, or group SMS’s and email’s to applicants. Once an applicant is invited to an interview, an administrator can fill in the interview form, which is then visible to other administrators in the company.


The administration has a complete overview over each employee. Contracts and written documentation, emails, SMS’s sent through OrgWeb.

The administration can also view employee relations – meaning who the employee has direct contact with, within the company.

Each employee has their own login and personal page, where they can up and download relevant information they might share or need.

They can also view and send HSE irregularities, and other documents.

They can view timesheets generated by the system, based on work orders, and send corrections or notes.

An employee can apply for time off work through the Time absence Dashboard, and have a total overview of their absence. (Health & Work status)

Workflow / Activity

The sales team can update their prospects in OrgWeb, filling in general information, and specific information needed to be able to generate a price offer.

Each offer is then presented in an overview, with all details and cost analysis. Once the offer has been confirmed by the client the prospect can be confirmed as a client.

Workers can be allocated to a job and a work plan and/or work order generated.

QC (Quality Control) documentation and forms are generated using mobile applications in Android. Allowing photo, film and written documentation flow simply within OrgWeb. QC reminders can be generated. The General manager can follow the coordinators QC routine, and have total control of when there inspection was and the information transmitted to the system.

OrgWeb’s Time control system for logging in and out of a fixed workplace using a tablet that communicates either through the internet or by mobile telephone technology. This allows administrators, to view real time workers coming and going to their allocated work places.

Based on the work plans and work orders, and the allocation of workers for each job or work order, project planning, cost analysis and control is possible.

OrgWeb’s workflow module allows employees and the administration to fill in a number of forms and documents relevant to the daily running of the company, and offer a better service to the client through better organization.

OrgWeb allows for numerous Notifications and/or reminders to be generated digitally and automatically.

Reports are then generated from gathering relevant information that has been filled into the system through the forms, work orders, work plans etc.

The reports OrgWeb generate give the administration better control over the company’s activities. They gain deeper insight into their business and attract and retain clients with a 360- degree view of clients and projects.

The benefits of this increased control and real time knowledge allows better planning and increases project efficiency and profit margins. Managing projects in OrgWeb gives more efficiency with the ability to track, monitor and get highly detailed information about each project, activity and task.

Simplifying the communication between all members of the staff, and with clients, saves the company administrators valuable time and energy.



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