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The e-shop is a web based application capable of simulating a classic shop. Ordering products or services can be made on-line. Visitors and buyers can come from all around the world and at all times. They can view a product and they can buy it. You will have at your disposal statistics of the visits made to your shop, as well as overviews of  your products.
Your shop is open day and night, bringing you profit even when you are at sleep.

The virtual shop is formed by two interfaces: front-end (graphic interface of the shop, visible to the clients) and back-end (the administration part of the shop).

The design of the virtual shop can be customized in function of the activity field of the company and in function of your expectations. You can introduce products with pictures attached to them in categories and subcategories. The number of categories, subcategories and products are unlimited. Actualizing the products is very easy.

  • The advantages of a virtual shop:
  • It does not require commercial space, nor seller
  • The costs of the virtual shop are very low
  • It is accessible non-stop to visitors and buyers
  • You can sell worldwide
  • It is very easy to introduce new products and to remove old ones

With the help of this application you can present your offer of products and services to clients from all around the world. The virtual shop is easy to use by the clients and by the administrators.


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