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CV Manager

CV Manager is a complex application of registration, collection and selection of CVs. The program can be used by:

  • Personnel recruiting agencies (in this case there are 3 interfaces: one for the person who is registering the CV, on for the employer who is looking for personnel, and one for administration accessed only by the recruiting agency);
  • Human resource departments from companies who wish to create a data base with CVs (in this case there are 2 interfaces: one for the employee and one for the administration).

This application can help in administrating efficiently the process of personnel recruiting. CV Manager is specially created to manage with success a big amount of data. It allows the upload of text files, images and videos.


  • It is efficient in the management of human resources;
  • It offers the possibility to search/select very fast the basic data information that you need;
  • The registered data is safe;
  • The data processing speed is very high;
  • It allows the direct visualization of the applicants for the jobs with the help of uploaded videos, as well as the presentation of the jobs, made by the employer.


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