EZ Travel

EZ Travel

The application offers the user the possibility to enter and update touristic offers. It has two interfaces, one representing the web page, also called front – end, accessible to the client/visitor, and the other one (back – end) is the administrative part of the information accessed by any user/employee who has a username and a password.

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The application offers many advantages:

  • Independence towards the software company who created the site;
  • It allows you to have an updated site at all times;
  • You have the possibility to enter the content of the site without special knowledge in the IT domain;
  • The changes you have made in the administration part of the application are instantly visible on the front-end;
  • The program does not need any special installation, it runs in a web-browser, needing only a connection to the internet;
  • The possibility to add/delete an unlimited number of offers in the specific categories;

... and many more

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