Virtual Catalog

The Virtual Catalog is an application which offers the possibility to administrate and monitor the grades and missed classes of students from a school, using the internet. This way parents can easily access the grades and the number of missed classes of their children in an interesting and pleasant way, having a clear view of the school situation. The access can be made with a distinct username for every parent, this way the student’s grades can be accessed only by their parents. Teachers can easily introduce grades and missed classes; they have a special access to the catalog, making it possible to introduce data about the subject they teach. The virtual catalog offers the possibility to archive the results so that they can be used at different statistics latter on. Also, the application can calculate average from the grades (by subject, by semester, by year and by classes) and can produce the registration certificate.
The virtual Catalog is easy to use in a modern and pleasant medium, we think that it is worth to try it out.


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